Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools Day Family Pranks

I really love April Fool's Day and the kids LOVE it too- they look forward to it every year. 
I have very silly kids:) 
And these pranks were not very time consuming nor did they require a lot of planning. 
We got Mark early in the morning- the kids all helped put clear nail polish on the soap and let it dry. When he went to use it in the shower, it wouldn't lather and was very slippery:)
 I made these funny bookmarks and put one in each kids books. I heard Ari tell Sophia when she woke up and went to read, "Mom gave us a dollar!" . 
 I also put a dab of blue food coloring on their toothbrushes. When they went to put their toothbrush under the water, the water turned very blue:) 
 The best trick, I thought was their lunches, I emptied little Cheeto bags and put spinach leaves in them and then used little dabs of hot glue to reseal them. 
 I also scraped out the inside of Oreos and replaced it with toothpaste- you couldn't tell the difference! The trick is to not put too much toothpaste or it looks runny. 

 Looks like a normal lunch:) 
 And the best trick to date in my trickster history, was this fake IRS tax audit letter which I put in the mail for Mark. I work at an accounting firm, so I got an official envelope and a postage label that looked legit. He was certain we were getting audited and was about to call his sister who is an accountant to see what we needed to do! I was dying laughing. I could have probably kept it going but I just couldn't keep it together! 

It was a fun day and I know someday when the kids are older, it's all gonna come back to me and I will be the recipient of many a practical joke, but until then, I will continue to use my trickery on April Fool's Day! 

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Erika said...

These are all so funny and great. Thanks for sharing!