Friday, April 4, 2014

Hiking at South Platte Park

We went on another hike during Spring Break. We were originally going to hike Devil's Head near Sedalia- but we got all the way up to the road to the trail head and it was closed! Apparently, it opens on April 1st. We didn't know that. So, we improvised and headed to Littleton and hiked around South Platte Park. It was gorgeous with lots of cool red rock formations. 

 We did 2 different trails for a total of 2 miles- Coyote Song Trail and Swallow Trail. 

 The swallow nests were so cool on the rocks. 
The only bad thing is that the kids were dying to climb on the rocks and their are signs all over requesting that you stay on the trails and don't climb the rocks. 
Other than that, it was a fun hike and we only got a little complaining about his legs hurting from Elijah. We are getting there:) 

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