Monday, October 20, 2008

Ella Bella

My little Ella is such a JOY to Mark and I!

She has her ups and downs but overall is a very HAPPY little girl, although she is a STINKER! She loves to tag along after her sisters and grab Elijah's hands to sing Ring Around the Rosy. She eats absolutely everything and is not picky at all. She has started to talk up a storm... here are some of my favorites of the many phrases and words she uses!
"ohhhh" (after everything you tell her)
"Bee, mommy, bee!!"(about every 5 minutes whether there is a bee or not)
"Juice pees" (please)
"lellow" (yellow)
"woo woo" (dogs)
"Daddy, home?"
"poppy's house" (grandpa)
"cheese" (when she sees my camera)and about 100 others...

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