Thursday, October 16, 2008


Arianna, or Unnie, as Sophia called her when they were little, is the second oldest twin in our family. She is 4 years old and has a mind of her own. LAtely, she has been afraid of EVERYTHING. This is not fun for mom.
When we go outside, she and her sister look warily around for any type of bug that may venture in their path. If a bug is seen, screams of terror follow.
When, she lays in bed, she searches the room for scary shadows and NEEDS us to rub her back till she falls asleep, becasue she is afraid of the dark.
When, I have finished grocery shopping, and want to to run the groceries in while they are still in the car, she cries because I left her all alone.
I do pray that these fears subside soon, so I don't have 2 crying and screaming 4 yr olds (since Sophia is just as afraid as Arianna and follows the same patterns as her sister)
She is ADORABLE though and very loving...
Here are a few of her favorites... ( I typed as she answered the questions)
1. Favorite color- PINK
2. Favorite animal- baby tigers, baby elephants and baby koala bears
3. Favorite candy- chocolate
4. Favorite game- Memory
5. Favorite song- "Only a Boy Named David"
6. Favorite teacher- Miss Curry
7. Favorite place to go- Aunt Emys House
8. Favorite food- Mac and Cheese
9. Favorite toy- I just want a lot of toys for Christmas
10. Favorite restuarant- the one that has a play place
11. Favorite thing about school- her lunch box (I jut got her one today, even though they don't eat at school- we need it for the zoo)

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