Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sophia is the oldest of our twin girls and seems to be the "follower" of the two. She reminds me so much of Mark. She likes to be home rather than at crowded places. She doesn't talk much and tends to go off by herself. She too is very AFRAID of everything like Arianna. She really likes computer games on the MAC of course ( remind you of anyone? ) I love my Sophia... Its amazing how different her and Arianna are from each other. I conducted teh same interview as Arianna and here are her responses...
Here are a few of her favorites... ( I typed as she answered the questions)
1. Favorite color- GREEN
2. Favorite animal- giraffes, bears and flamingos
3. Favorite candy- candy bars
4. Favorite game- Frog toss
5. Favorite song- "the Mulan song"- I am going to post a video of them singing it
6. Favorite teacher- Mrs. Solich- her cubby teacher at church
7. Favorite place to go- Aunt Emys house to jump on the trampoline
8. Favorite food- long buttered noodles
9. Favorite toy- so many...
10. Favorite restuarant- McDonalds
11. Favorite thing about school- Recess

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