Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank you, Honey!

After a few cold days stuck inside with 4 wound up kiddos bouncing off the walls , Mark GRACIOUSLY said that we could get a membership to THE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM!!! It is 10 minutes from our house and has 3 floors filled with every kids fantasies- play food, tunnels, paint, twirling, puppets, pets and SO much more! It is SO nice to bundle up the kids and go to play for an hour or so to wear them out for nap time!! We average a trip once a week - here are a few pics of our adventures(this was on a Saturday when Daddy could come and see what all the hype was about:) and Aunt Emy watched Elijah)Here are the girls in the Food Center- they have grocery carts, a register, pizza oven, countertops, cooking surfaces, tons of food, a diner counter,etc. This is one of the girls favorite spots!

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Sarah said...

I'm glad Mark let you get a membership! It is such a fun place.

Now we just have to figure out a time to go together!! :-)