Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Play Date

We had our dear friends, the Lutzs, over for a play date.. Elijah and Clara are only 3 weeks apart and may get married one day:). Maddie and the twins are both 4 and are good playmates. Little Ella goes back and forth between the babies and big girls playing well with both groups! And I have a friend too- Erika! She is a kindred spirit who I enjoy getting to know so much!
It is good to go thru life with FRIENDS...

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Erika said...

We still have our turkeys hangin' up on our window. :) Those are so cute! This was fun!

Oh, and we went up to Silverthorne for the weekend with Allison and her fam. Her grandma owns a vacation condo there and lets people stay there all the time. But it snowed the entire time and with the grace of God we made it back home. After we got home, we heard the Eisenhower Tunnel had been closed! Oh it was so dangerous!