Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Throne- from Valley of Vision

Thy throne of grace is the pleasure ground of my soul.
Here I obtain mercy in the time of need,
Here see the smile of Thy reconciled face,
Here joy pleads the name of Jesus,
Here I sharpen the sword of the Spirit,
anoint the shield of faith,
put on the helmet of salvation,
gather manna from thy word,
am strengthened for each conflict,
nerved for the upward race,
empowered to conquer every foe.

Help me to come to Christ
as the fountain head of descending blessings,
as wide open flood gate of mercy.

I marvel at my insensate folly, that
with such enriching favours within my reach,
I am slow to extend the hand to take them.

May I never give Thee rest until Christ is
the pulse of my heart
the spokesman of my lips,
the lamp of my feet.

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