Monday, May 11, 2009

My ABC's of Motherhood

A- Attention- my children all crave attention from mommy and daddy and I try happily to give it to them, although I must say it is hard at times!

B- Bathtime- one of my favorite times because daddy does it! And it gives endless photo ops! Oh- and they smell so good after...

C- Cuddles- especially for my Ella and Elijah. The twins don't want to cuddle as much- sniff. They are growing up. But my two youngest love cuddles with momma especially before bed.

D- Daddy- I definitely would loose my mind without his help and support! The kids are pretty fond of him too! and I LOVE when he walks in the door from work and 3 little sets of feet and one crawling infant race to greet him and smother him in kisses and hugs and questions and stories and requests... It is a highlight of my day!

E- Energy- You need it to be a mom- on the go all the time!

F- Food- Kids LOVE food- I hear this phrase at least 10 times a day- "Mommy, I want a snack. Mommy I'm hungry." Their bellies are bottomless pits.

G- God- He is the source of life. He is the reason for living my day and raising my children- I desire to bring HIM glory in every aspect of motherhood and life and I will try to teach my children that the reason they are on this planet is to GLORIFY GOD.

H- Home- I love home. I desire to make it a safe place where my kids can be themselves and relax. I want my children to know they are welcome at my home even when they are old. I enjoy making my home cozy and want to build my home on the Lord Jesus Christ.

I- Imitating- It amazes me how much my children watch me and listen to Mark and my conversations. They are watching and imitating what they see displayed in Mark and I. What a rebuke and challenge for me, to always display Christlikeness in my words and actions. I am so thankful to have a mom that I can imitate because her whole life points to Christ. My mom went thru years of trials and not once do I remember her complaining about her circumstances or badmouthing those who hurt her. She made my childhood HAPPY and I know it was only possible thru Christ working thru her- what a great role model to copy...

J- Juice and Java- Juice is the most requested item from my kids many times throughout the day. (thank goodness WIC supplies it for me! )and Java is my most requested item during the day- it fuels me and tastes so yummy. I could not do without it!

K- Kindness- At school the twins learned the verse Ephesians 4:32 "Be kind one to another". And they love to remind the sibling who is annoying them that the Bible says "Be kind one to another." Even Ella can quote this verse! I do pray that my kids will be kind to others and think of others before themselves.

L- Loads of Laundry- I cannot begin to tell you how much laundry I do with 6 people in our house. I am SO thankful for my inlaws because we do not have laundry hookups here so I do laundry at their house (only 2 months and I'll have my own washer/dryer) They have been a HUGE blessing...

M- Money- Be prepared- kids cost a lot of money- diapers, food, clothes, toys, baby gear, school and the list goes on and on. God has been good and has faithfully met our needs and many of our wants. Money should not be the focus of a family but should be a consideration when starting a family. I wish we had been wiser in this area and in planning our family but regardless of our foolishness, God has blessed and I wouldnt trade any of my kids for all the money in the world.N- Naptime- a highlight in any mother's day- I still have 2 nappers and 2 "quiet timers." I LOVE the fact that I can get a lot done during nap time.

O- Obey- The word every kid hears from those in authority. Our desire is for our children to obey us and God but more importantly to not just conform outwardly but to have a heart that is submissive and understanding of the rules we have given and the precepts God wants us to follow. The Christian life is not a list of do's and dont's but is lived in grace with a heart that truly loves God and wants to show that love by their actions.

P-Pictures! A mom NEEDS to invest in a good camera- there are so many priceless moments that need to be captured so years from now, we can look back and remember. This journey goes so quickly.

Q- Quiet Time- I think moms need breaks from their kids- a time to be quiet or get together with friends or their husband. I am so thankful for a husband that understands that I need a break from the "loudness and craziness of motherhood" and gives me time to get away- with friends to Applebees or the Goodwill:) or just lets me go to the store alone and watches the kids for the hour I am away. I also am thankful for the times we can go away as a couple to talk and just enjoy each other's company- SO important!

R-Rowdy- I olny have one boy and right now he is still too little to be rowdy, but my girls LOVE to wrestle and be silly. They love to tackle one aonther and jump on their beds- I LOVE to hear their laughter and am so glad that they are friends who enjoy one anothers company and rowdiness!

S- Supplication- I NEED God's help to be a mom. To be patient. To be understanding. To be loving. I need to be in prayer for my children and for my family. I do pray for wisdom as we raise our kids to be people of character who have a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to raise kids who will impact the world for Christ. I want my children to remember me as a mom who was on her knees for her family.

T- Teach- As a mom, I am a teacher. How to crawl, How to talk, How to go potty, how to get dresssed, how to brush teeth, how to write, how to put Polly Pocket dresses on, How to color in the lines, and the list goes on and on...

U- Umbrella- I think a mom should be an umbrella for her children to protect them from the world and its influences. I try to shelter my kids from things that would hurt their little impressionable hearts. I know I will not always be able to shelter them from the world but I trust that with God's help I can prepare them to make wise descisions and avoid those things that would be harmful to their spiritual life. I know others will disagree with me but I think this also applies to Christian education. I do not want my kids to be taught by those who have a secular world view. Psalm 1 says that we should not walk, stand or sit in the counsel of the ungodly. I feel very strongly that those who educate my kids should have a Christian world view and be instilling Christian values in my childs heart using Scripture which they will not get in a public school setting.

V- Vicks Vapor Rub- that stuff is great! It soothes kiddos who have runny noses and coughs and helps them sleep better. I like it!W- Wisdom- dont we all need that- and wisdom can only be found in God's Word- I need to be in it more- a constant challenge when mothering 4 young children.

X- xxxxx's- Kisses are given out on a regular basis around here- for boo boos or to tell them we love them.

Y- YEAH! (Abbey, I am stealing this from you:) I do want to be my kids biggest cheerleader and encourage them on to do great things! It feels like I am always praising someone- Elijah for pulling himself up to stand or eating all his yogurt- Ella for peeing in the potty or sleeping all night in her bed- Arianna for coloring her paper so well or sharing with Ella- Sophia for reading her little book or eating all her dinner. I am behind my kids to lift them up when they are discouraged and cheer them on when they are victorious!

Z- zzzzz's- I wish I could say that I am getting enough of them but as a mom I dont know if you will ever feel completely rested until the day everyone moves out. In this way, I am looking forward to that day- oh to sleep an interrupted sleep one day.
So, there you have it- my 26 thoughts on Motherhood. I understand not everyone reading this will agree in every way but we are all different and have different views on the role we play as mothers and the things we choose to instill in our kids, etc. This was fun and challenging at the same time and convicting too- I need to be a better mom and work on most of the areas listed above. And in closing:) here are a few verses I love from God's Word...

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 1:4

"Her children rise up and call her blessed." Prov 31:28

"Train up a child in the way he should go
and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Prov 22:6


Mark said...

Nice. Although I think Elijah is plenty rowdy. His favorite game is for us to head-butt each other while he growls. And he's learned what "Pow!" means.

Beth said...

LOVED reading this, Chas. thanks!

Sarah said...

This was great--how long did it take you?
I am also glad that you have a husband that understands your need to "get away" has given me many chances to hang out with you. :-) Thanks Mark!!!

You are a great mommy and a great friend!

Katie Larsen said...

Great thoughts, Chas!