Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sibling Love

Elijah just LOVES Ella and since they share a room, naptime can be quite interesting and frustrating. Often, I hear shrieks of laughter coming from behind closed doors and this is what I find- Oh my... The first few time sit was cute and funny bit not any more and Elijah and Ella know they are NOT allowed to "play" while they should be napping!

The twins LOVE to be "mommy" to Elijah. They carry him around the house, try to feed him, play with him and read to him. Here is Arianna reading to Elijah - he loves all the attention!

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~Abbey~ said...

Chas-Arianna's voice sounds like you! Candice does the same thing with Cameron...the reading is great, the carrying around drives me NUTS! i am so scared of a terrible accident! Little Mommies!