Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Good Reminder

My husband leaves his computer on when he leaves for work and he has about 20 tabs open because he never closes things after he is done looking at them (a funny difference between the 2 of us) Well, I was looking thru his tabs and came across a sight called Pyromaniacs:Setting the World on Fire... It is a blog that discusses spiritual things that I have seen my husband frequent regularly. I read the post that the author had written. It was entitled, "Sister Show Mercy"- here is a link- click on it and read for yourself.
I know I was convicted and challenged to think of OTHERS before putting on my outfits for these hot summer days that are ahead.


Sarah said...

I love that blog and what he has to say. :-) Haven't been on there in awhile....thanks for sharing the link.

Mark said...

If you would use your own browser, you wouldn't be annoyed with all my tabs. Of course, you wouldn't run across little gems like this one by Dan Phillips. Pyromaniacs rock.

~Abbey~ said...

this is exactly why i don't even let my girls as young as they are wear skirts that are above the knee or 2 piece bathing suits-why start something you have to correct later! People mock my choice for my kids, but i am convinced that starting young on the modesty thing is key! Boys eyes start earlier and earlier-just ask my 6 year old boy what a "love girl" is! if women really knew what men think, they would definately think 2x before walking out the door. i have to say when i get dressed for church, if my husband says i look hot-then i know its not appropriate...i only want ot look Hot when he's the ONLY one looking! good article!