Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where has the year gone?

Well, the school year has come to a close- My twins have learned SO much its amazing! They can read small words, write all their letters, count to 100 and their coloring is so pretty:)
Here is Miss Sophia on her last day of school (above) and on her first day (below)
She really has changed!

And Miss Arianna on her last day (above) and fist day (below).
Arianna really seemed to mature SO much socially-
she LOVES playing and talking with other kids- she is very outgoing
while Sophia tends to be more shy and plays by herself.

Miss Barrows (above) and Miss Curry (below) worked with the girls every day.
They LOVE their teachers!
I didnt have a picture on the first day because they were so shy-
look how far they've come!
We bought and signed a coffee cup for Miss Curry
and a plant holder for Mrs Barrows as end of the year gifts.
I cannot thank them both enough for the love and encouragement
and wisdom they gave my girls this year.
And most of all for their love for God that the girls saw and heard every day.

And Mr Davis ( you made it on my blog:)
The girls LOVED this part of the school day when at 8am,
they would be greeted by Mr. Davis who always was ready with
a smile, a hello and a piece of chocolate to start their school day!
Even Ella caught on and would ask every morning to go see Mr. Davis
(she needs to wait two more years and it will be her turn!)
We made Mr. Davis a mug that the girls drew pictures on-
they were so excited to give it to him!

Its been a GREAT school year and I cannot rave enough about Silverstate and the teachers and staff that have made such a BIG difference in my kids lives! We will (hopefully) be sending them there next year to start Kindergarten with Mrs. Johnson:)
Now, on to a FUN FILLED summer...

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Erika said...

Awww sweet post! It's remarkable how much the girls have grown and changed in less than a year!