Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Zoo trip for a while

Our zoo membership has expired so we took one last trip for FREE:) Grandma and the girls friend, Eliana came along and despite the very crowded conditions, it was a fun 2 hours!

(Sarah: Ellie didnt want to go on the merry go round,
so thats why no picture of her:) I think she was a bit nervous!)

LOVE this picture of Ella- she really is growing up!

Arianna didnt want to be in the picture

Chocolate pudding!

Elijah loved being spoiled by Grandma!

All the girls

This zoo membership was the greatest thing I did this past year. I went about 20 times for $80- without the membership- it would cost my family $400 to go that many times! What a deal! Too bad we are moving farther away or I would have done it again:)

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