Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

Our Ella is also growing up so fast! If asked her age she will most likely say that she'll be 5 on her next birthday. We think she thinks she will catch up to the twins!
She really is so smart and and can even write her name at two and a half!
Ella, Elijah and I have been going to storytime at the library
and she seems to enjoy the time we spend together, just the three of us!
She does love her daddy and cries often during the day for daddy!

Her favorite tv shows are Dora and Go Diego~
She LOVES her pink glitter shoes and wants to wear them every day.

We do love our Ella Bella- she is a beautiful little girl with lots of spunk!

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Sarah said...

I love you too, Ella Bella! :-) (And you look beautiful in your wedding garb...I will have to show Elijah! ;-)