Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It had been a while

My mom was able to come visit from Wed- Sunday and it was such a refreshing visit:) The last time she was in Colorado was over a year ago! The kids were very excited to see
"Grandma from Pennsylvania"
and the babies warmed up to her by the end of her visit.
I so wish we lived closer so my kids could really know their grandma.

We visited Daniels Park at sunset and it was beautiful!

We swam in our pool...

Mom and I got to spend all day Saturday visiting all the neat little shops I have found around here. We went to the Parisian Market, shopped Historic Littleton, ate at Saj Mediterranean Grill (amazing food) , got a latte from Peets Coffee and fell in love with all the deals at Hobby Lobby!!!
It was a full day but much needed by me
(did I mention Mark watched the kids all day? What a wonderful husband!)
Mom left early Sunday morning and I think we all felt this way when the trip came to an end!
It was wonderful...

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