Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don't you just LOVE fall!

FALL is my favorite time of year, hands down.
Why do I love fall so much?
Let me list a few things...

1. Cooler weather and the smell of crispness in the air
2. sweaters
3. decorations- I am DYING to start putting all my fall things out!
4. pumpkins- pie, roll, carving, picking, seeds, candles,
5. the gorgeous colors- burnt orange, maroon, cream
6. leaves falling from trees
7. apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin picking (mostly from New England)
8. Halloween (harvest) parties
9. comfort foods- stews, breads, yum
10. endless photo ops. See below for my favorites

My twins in Massachusetts- beautiful!

My Ella Bella

My Elijah
Unfortunately this is the only pic of dear Elijah in the "fall" spirit.
I tend to remedy this by taking many picture this fall:)


~Abbey~ said...

Hands Down the best time of year-i totally agree with you! You can't beat the smell of burning leaves either! (and the lack of stuffy noses from cutting grass!)

Chastity Gomez said...

ooo- I didnt think of burning leaves- but since I know live in the city, I wont be smelling that this year! I used to LOVE burning leaves at our house by the lake growing up! (until we caught half of the woods on fire!) great story..

~Abbey~ said...

you should blog about that story, cuz it is a good one! :) such Pyromaniacs! :) My whole living room/kitchen is painted and decorated with "fall color" year round...the accessories make it not look like fall, but i love the coziness of the colors! they are so watm!