Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dressed Up

 We RARELY dress up for anything. It must be living in Colorado- its SO laid back here and people are very informal overall and that translates to clothes too:) 
But I do LOVE a couple of cute kids all dressed up and looking polished! 
Easter morning was such a day! 
Of course, by the end of our lunch at Grandmas, Elijahs sweater had chocolate cake smeared on it, Ellas dress was all crumpled up and she lost the sweater and the twins hair looked like it had gone through a tornado:) So by 4pm when church started we didnt look like this!
But for an hour or so- they were spic and span- the picture of cuteness!

 I absolutely LOVE traditions- something I picked up from my family
(many traditions I did as a kid I still vividly remember)
So every Easter, we read the Easter story using Resurrection Eggs- 
an amazing tool to retell the death and resurrection of Christ! 
Then we pray as a family and thank God for His sacrifice and for the GRACE which He so lavioushly poured out on us, His children. Then we sing a few songs...
It brought tears to my eyes to hear everyone (even Elijah) sing 
"Christ is Risen from the dead, we are one with Him again!"

Of course, we also have an easter egg hunt every year in our dressy clothes! 
We give small trinkets in an Easter basket..
and we dye eggs! 
I truly hope my children pass on some of our family traditions to their children 
and remember with fondness the fun times we shared as a family! 


Jeanette said...

aww, they look so cute! we always get pics right away so that we can capture that nice, neat, cute look before the chocolate and craziness take over. :)
I love the color scheme :) And I am a big fan of Resurrection Eggs!

~Abbey~ said...

its funny to me to read this bc your "casual" clothes are oober dressy to me! haha! i know what you mean about the 1 hour of neatness...i don't think ours ever lasts THAT long! we didn't do Easter baskets this year-i didn't miss it and i don't think the kids even noticed!