Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day!

 What a good day I had today:) I got SO much accomplished- dont you LOVE that feeling?! It doesnt happen often enough but when it does- aahh! The sun was also shining this afternoon and boy, does that lift my spirits- I remember living in MA and it raining for like a week on end- no sun- just HUGE gray clouds. I really am thankful for Colorado because the sun is normally always shining! We have had a weird spring, though- lots of clouds and rain. 
I got some tomato plants and green pepper plants planted as well as some flowers.
 Its lookin like summer! 
On another note, my hair needs some major help and its coming on Friday! I am getting my Groupon and heading down to Aveda for some color and a cut! I think I need it desperately! I SO wish I could grow my hair nice and long with big wavy curls but alas, I must come to grips that my hair will never flow in long lovely locks.. short is for me forever. Its okay though, there are some SUPER cute short cuts and I will be getting one- pretty exciting! 
Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone! 

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Erika said...

Well, today's Friday, so I guess your hair has been changed! So excited to see it!