Friday, May 20, 2011


School  is over today and I am feeling motivated to get ready for next week.
4 kiddos at home makes me cringe a bit 
because I know if I dont keep them busy, 
they will drive me crazy and fight with each other:)
So, every week, I am making a wipeable schedule for our day! 
I want to focus on educating them and having fun! 
Bible- we are going through The Jesus Story Book Bible and coloring a picture for that story.

Math- this is primarily for the twins because they need to work on addition and subtraction facts. I found some great worksheets at If any of you have some ABEKAs addition flashcards that you arent using- I would LOVE to buy them from you and I'll pay to have them shipped too! I plan to do Math, Writing and Reading while the little two are sleeping.

Art- I really love The Crafty Crow for TONS of ideas for Art projects and fun stuff to do!

Writing- I am going to buy some journals and have them write in it each day on a topic I choose:) I will let Ella draw since she cant write yet!

Activity- we will do things around our neighborhood that are primarily free- parks, splashpads, swimming, museums,etc..

Reading- I am just having the girls read one chapter a day of a chapter book. They will probably read more- they love to read! So, the first 2 books are Ribsy and Henry and Ribsy. I LOVED those books growing up- they crack me up! 

So, there you have it! 
I am excited for the summer- just wishing the weather would start feeling like summer:) 

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Jeanette said...

oh thanks for the inspiration! Gabi has been out of preschool for a week now but has been staying busy with a an envelope of worksheets her teacher sent home with her. I want to make sure we stay busy too. thank you for the ideas!