Wednesday, February 15, 2012

$5 Tuesdays

SO glad that Valentines Day fell on a Tuesday because at Southglenn (5 minutes from our house) Tuesday is $5 night! Yes, you heard that right- movies at Hollywood theatre are $5 ALL DAY AND NIGHT and a really fun restaurant- Bar Louies has a special where all their specialty burgers are $5! So thats just what we did!
We usually do not go out on Valentines Day because it is just very crowded and its hard to find a babysitter, but thanks to some pretty awesome teenagers who suggested that they watch our kids and we go out, we were able to enjoy a very fun and cheap date night:) THANK YOU- Jamie, Tyler, Kelley and Brooke!
Just in case you dont like any hints before seeing a movie- you might want to skip this next part:) Although you will still be surprised even if you read my little blurb below! The movie had lots of twists and turns!
We watched The Vow. I LOVED that is was based off a true story and was even happier that the real life couple are married today and have 2 children even though she never regained her memory. I like to think that if I lost my memory of Mark and I meeting and our marriage and friendship that I would still honor my commitment to him in marriage and that even if the love feelings weren't there, I would still remain in the marriage and work on loving him again! Im sure that easier said than done.
And a side note- they show the husbands back side in the movie that is rated PG-13! I was shocked and  I guess we should have researched the movie a bit more to have found that out before we went. But I didn't know they can have partial nudity in a PG-13 movie - how very sad. I am cringing for the day my kiddos are teenagers- I will have to do TONS of research before allowing them to any movie at all... if the age they expose peoples backsides is 13!!!! makes me so mad. How in the world does showing his bottom help the plot of the story at all- totally unnecessary!
Anyhow, it was so very nice to have a date with Mark, my amazing husband and enjoy good conversation with the man I will spend my life loving- memory or not!


~Abbey~ said...

nice date! **ADD SPOILER ALERT** to your title! dang. :)

Chastity Gomez said...

You we still be surprised but I will add an alert!

Beth said...

I LOVE willing teens who genuinely love my kids and selflessly care for them. God is good in placing them in our lives! Our SHOCKING PG-13 moment was back in 2008 when I saw Fool's Gold. A woman flashes some ppl and it shows it! We were/ are amazed at the PG-13 rating. It is alarming. Our kids are getting older- scary!

~Abbey~ said...

i am also alarmed at the sexual inuendo in EVERY kids cartoon, robots, Mars Needs Moms. its appalling! i still remember very clearly the 1st time my mom let us watch a PG movie and it showed a woman's bear breasts. we turned it off immediately. she talked about how ashamed she was for DAYS--now as a mom, i totally understand! we have already started screening EVRYTHING the kids watch. SAD! ..glad i'll still be surprised! :)