Sunday, February 5, 2012

20 inches of the fluffy stuff!

 Yep, you read that right! Right around 20 inches fo the fluffy powdery stuff called snow! 
And it gave us a 3 day weekend! How cool is that! 
Mark took the kiddo out to play on Friday and I cleaned, purged and organized all day! 
We did get time for 2 movies in there:) 
The Debt and Contagion- both really good movies! 

 I also made these yummy
They were amazing! They were pretty simple overall and tasted just like the soft pretzels you get at sports games but better! I will definitely make them again. They made ALOT so I tried to freeze a third of the bites when they are just dough and see if I can follow the steps after that and if they still taste as awesome. Hope so because that means that I can make a bunch ahead of time, freeze them and pull them out and finish them in little batches at a time as needed. 
I found them on PINTEREST the coolest thing on the web in my opinion! If you need an invite just let me know and you can get addicted! 
Yesterday Mark and I were able to go out to dinner on a date and then walk around Target for an hour just us- it was the best! Just me and my hubby cruising the aisles. He even went into the ladies clothes with me and looked at stuff I liked! We walked out an hour later and bought nothing but it was the greatest hour I spent in Target this past month! I just love my husband and am honored he chose me!

I have a busy week coming up and am praying for grace and wisdom as I enter it! Today at church Bobby talked about I Thessalonians 5: 16-18- Some pretty short simple verses but just what I needed when I thought about the week coming up!

That doesnt mean I have to be happy every moment this week but I need to have a spirit of joy and contentment in Christ always on my mind and face! Why? Because He has redeemed me! I have Christ! If all else was taken away, I could still rejoice because HE IS ALL I NEED!

Come to Him in prayer because of what He has done for me on the cross. He wants my good through all circumstances.  No matter how much I disappoint Him this week, He loves me and delights in me! WOW! Why wouldn't I want to talk to Him this week every moment I can- it doesn't have to be long winded prayers in the quiet of my room at the crack of dawn.. it can be as I am walking the kids to school every day, as I drive along to Ellas preschool in the morning, as I sip my coffee while the kids are just waking up, as I whisper to Him in my mind when I am struggling to be patient with my children... little moments spent talking to my Lord and casting my cares, dreams, hopes at His feet! 

This is definitely a work of grace for a believer! Its hard to see hurts, annoyances, struggles as good things! But we can! Things/People do not satisfy because they didnt die for us! Only Christ truly satisfies all those desires in my soul because HE died for me! When I realize that, I can give thanks in good days and in dark days because again, 

Wow! Amazing truths for me to think and ponder about this week! 

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