Monday, January 30, 2012

Milk and Cookies

 Last Wednesday Hopkins Elementary had their Kindergarten Information Night and since I am the Hospitality Chair, I had to set up a food table. And whats better than milk and cookies, especially for a night dedicated to talking about kindergarten! 
It turned out SO cute! 
In other news, 
1) Arianna finally lost her top front tooth! She looks so cute!

2) Ella got bit by a dog on her cheek on Sunday and then that night fell onto the corner table and now has a black and blue eye. She looks pretty beat up but is healing! 

3) Elijah has a BAD runny nose so now both cheeks are chapped and red 
(its pretty bad- its been so dry out here lately)

4) Sophia is working hard with her twin to sell cookies (we're up to over 100 boxes:)

5) Mark and I have a date night on FRIDAY and it cant come fast enough:) I love that guy and getting to spend a few hours by ourselves over a yummy plate of food that I didn't cook and dont have to clean up is heaven:) 

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