Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Ten To Us!

We are at a milestone as couple- TEN YEARS!! I always have looked forward to the big TEN! And today it is upon us. God has blessed me with a man that is very easy to love! He takes care of me and the kids and gives of himself to meet our needs and that is amazing in my eyes! I love him! Looking back over the past ten years, I feel like we are REALLY in the groove and loving where we are right now! Gone are the days with infants and little toddlers, the sleepless nights, the physical exhaustion of parenting! Now, we are enjoying our kids SO much more- having such fun conversations with them, laughing at their jokes, playing games that they finally understand the rules too, talking to them about life and Christ! - its a sweet time! Our marriage seems stronger than ever probably due to the fact that our kids arent frazzling us to our wits end and on the most part are getting a goods night sleep:) But I know that the main reason is the fact that CHRIST holds us both together. We are tempted. We have our irritations with each other. We are sinners. But I know we make a priority of and both highly esteem the GOSPEL and the LOVE that Christ showed us by making himself of no reputation, humbling Himself and dying for us! WOW! How my love for my husband should imitate that kind of love- its SO hard to and I fail every day at it but when I realize my failures and run to the cross there I find that Christ has more than enough grace for our marriage! Praise God for Christ and His exemplary love!
Mark brought home some very pretty flowers for me and the sweetest card as he always does! Here is just a small portion of what he wrote..
Five different houses
Four kids
Three jobs
Two cars
One marriage
Its been a full ten years!
And then a whole bunch of other mushy stuff:) Sweet, right?!

 Thanks to his awesome parents watching the kiddos we were able to enjoy a night on the town! Just to show you what an amazing man I married- he took me to Sushi Den even though he despises sushi:) He did find some steak but it wasnt the way he usually likes it! A bit too exotic! Anyhow, my sushi was divine, melt in your mouth, over the top amazing! It was such a fun evening enjoying the man who makes my world such a happy place to be!

Heres to many more decades together!


Erika said...

You guys look just perfect together. Happy 10th Anniversary! I agree it's the one we've all be waiting for in our marriages. :) Love y'all.

Mary Ann said...

Happy anniversary! I love posts like this that really celebrate what God intended marriage to be - a picture of Christ's love for the church.
Congratulations on hitting the 10 year milestone!