Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five Fun Facts

1. This picture makes me smile! My men LOVE technology! Elijah is playing games on my phone and Mark is working on his computer all while they watch the playoffs this Sunday! Elijah is SO good at apps on my phone- it amazes me!

2. Arianna has had a loose tooth since the end of Christmas break. She was so worried to return to school and had nightmares about all the kids laughing at her since she has quite a big gap where her tooth is moving over while it falls out. (its the top tooth) And as of today it STILL is hanging on! and the gap is HUGE and the tooth is turning gray. I tried yanking it but it still has a thread that is pretty attached. Where is Mrs. Broad when you need her?:) (she was my Kindergarten teacher who was famous in our school for  pulling teeth) Arianna also REALLY wants her tooth to come out at school so she can get a little treasure chest to put it in:)
3. Bronco mania is over. We were so excited that they won the first playoff game against the Steelers- we had a large group of students over to watch the game and it was SUCH an exciting game! Too bad the second game against the Patriots was so NOT fun to watch! We cant wait till next year! and we still LOVE Tim Tebow! SO glad that my kiddos have such a great guy to cheer for in pro-football!

4. Elijah has a pretend family. Its hilarious! He talks all about his "mom" who lives far away. And he uses the word "ACTUALLY" all the time in his sentences- no joking! Almost every sentence out of his mouth has that word in it. It cracks us up! Even the girls comment on how he always says that word!
I asked him at school one time what had happened to his hand because he had a little cut on it.
"Well, actually, when I was at my other moms house. I was going down the stairs and Jack Jack left his toy on the stairs and I actually fell down the stairs and cut my hand. " Okay buddy. Should I be worried that he has another mother some where?:)

 5. Sophia's hair is almost to her bottom. Another 4 inches to go- I am begging her to cut it a bit but she gets so worried when I mention cutting it! As long as she takes care of it, its fine by me And I have just been so overwhelmed lately how much I LOVE having twins! Its fascinating to watch them! I love it!

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Beth said...

I LOVED your 5 facts. That WAS fun. :) Good idea. I need to catch up and do about 100 facts. You're so good about being on here.