Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Party Recap!


Jenny and Brian had a VERY fun NewYears Eve Party to ring in the New year! Lots of yummy food, fun games and friends! Couldnt ask for more.

 My kiddos conked out around 9:30pm.

Also, wanted to include a few pictures from our annual kids Christmas party that Erika throws at her place! Its always so much fun and the kids look forward to it every year:) Here that Erika, you need to keep it going:) lol! You do an AWESOME job and it always turns out great!

Forgot my camera for that party so my phones blurry pics will have to do! 
LOVED all the holiday FUN but so glad its over and things are settling down and back to normal.

Excited for the warmer weather thats supposed to be coming today and the rest of this week! 
And its a free day at the zoo! 

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