Sunday, January 22, 2012

IKEA "Veggie Garden" Baby Shower

This past weekend, I had the wonderful privilege to host a baby shower for little Knox! 
I saw the "veggie garden" fabric at IKEA and an idea was born:)
I had a bunch of wonderful ladies help me pull it all together with wonderful food found on Pinterest.
We had TONS of "veggie' themed food and appetizers-perfect for a room full of ladies! 
Favors were little spades for everyone to use this spring! 
And the weather was SO warm and breezy- perfect for our springy colors! 


The drinks were SO very yummy. 
We served Citrus Mint Water 
which basically was a pitcher 
filled with mint, cucumber, orange and lemon slices.
 It was TASTY!
We also served Orange Julius Smoothies:
Mix equal parts orange juice and milk. Add vanilla to taste. Add sugar to taste. Pour into blender with ice and blend away! It was so easy and tasted amazing! 

I loved that all our drinks were served in canning jars with lime green straws and little orange flags made out of scrapbook paper. Super easy and CUTE! 


We found the cute little dishes for the "shooters" at Party City! They have a great section of appetizer plastic dishes! Of course we washed them all so we could reuse them at other parties or showers!

I LOVE my dear church family at Sola Church SO very much and the times we get to celebrate with each other are memorable! Love you Melody and so thankful we can be a part of Knox's life! 
Look at that face! 


Mary Ann said...

This is a super cute setup! I love it all :-) And that little Knox is a cutie pie!

Erika said...

I can't look at the pictures enough! You and Val did a fantastic job! :)