Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I {HEART} Valentines Day! So many wonderful childhood memories of little sweets, notes from my dad, special treats from my mom, hugs, flowers from boys, making Valentines and handing them out at school, hoping that the boy you liked wrote something more then just his name on your card, wearing red and pink, balloons! I love it! Its fun and I try to recreate that fun with the kiddos!
I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest this year and wish I could have created more but was happy with the things we did get to make!
Here are everyones Valentines this year...
Elijah only has a few little buddies so this BuggyValentine was cute, easy and cheap to recreate! Next year when he is in preschool we will have to mass produce:)
 Ellas were very last minute- I couldn't think of a good idea but we made these with chocolate coins from the dollar store and she loved them!
      Arianna made these from glow sticks at the dollar store. Super easy to print, cut and tape!

Sophia made these and these are by far my favorite. The mustaches were supposed to be chocolate on a stick but alas, my chocolate mold that I ordered online over 11 days ago still has not arrived even when it said that the estimated delivery (when I ordered it) was Feb 10th! Anyway, I had to improvise and so felt mustaches it was!  attached to a little Sticky thingy- it was perfect!

And the kids LOVED wearing there mustaches around the house today! 

Every year I deliver a balloon to the kids school for a little surprise! I made them a special little lunch with heart shaped sandwiches and strawberries:) So fun! And they turned out better than my heart shaped blobs of pancakes this morning !

SOOO grateful for these little cuties! They fill my heart with such joy and their little giggles, laughs, stories, and quirks make me smile! I'm glad I have yet another day to show them that they are special to me and I love them!
Tonight, Mark and I are going out and are so blessed to have 4 of Marks students come over to babysit for free (well, I do have to make them a meal and dessert but thats a GREAT deal!)! Being a teacher certainly has its perks- nice to have lots of teenagers around!
I'll post pictures of me and my valentine tomorrow! REALLY looking forward to dinner and a movie tonight with a handsome man by my side!!
Also spent some time today contemplating Christs love for me displayed by His death on the cross- what LOVE! What a beautiful example He leaves for me to demonstrate a selfless, sacrificial, serving kind of love towards God and others!
Happy {HEART} day everyone! 

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Erika said...

Like, Like, Like! All the Valentines are adorable, the pictures are great, exciting about your date, and aren't we blessed that our creator LOVES us!