Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Devils Head Hike

 Last Saturday afternoon we headed out to go hiking and it was SO much fun! We drove about an hour to get there and it took a little over an hour to hike to the top. 
Overall the kids did great- we got a little complaining from the twins on the way up- it was pretty hard! 
But the HUGE rocks were a hit and so cool to scramble around on, that they soon forgot about the hardness of the hike.

 When you get to the top of the mountain, you climb these red stairs (that are so steep and scary!)  and you are at the very tippy top of the rocks. They say that you can see 100 miles in every direction- the pictures do NOT do it justice! It was beautiful! God is SUCH an amazing Creator and I feel so blessed that He allows me to enjoy His wonders!

 This cute old man works at the fire station and has for the last several decades. He has spotted well
over 20 forest fires and called them in- pretty cool. He lives at the top of the mountain 5 days a week in this awesome little cabin at the bottom of the red stairs. His name is Ranger Bill.

 So thousands of ladybugs migrate to the top of the mountain and my kids were in awe.


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Michelle said...

What an awesome family experience! And the migrating lady bugs are sooo cool! I would have loved that as much (if not more) than your kids! ha!