Sunday, September 2, 2012

PA Trip: NYC (day 3)

 Since we live only about an hour and a half from the great NYC, I asked Paul and Cindi (my sister and her husband) to take us in to tour a little! 
We started in Hoboken, NJ and hit up Carlos Bakery (aka Cake Boss) 
- it was a good experience but we saw no one who worked there that was on tv. 
The pastries were good!

 twins weren't too excited to wait in line

 Next, we got on the Staten Island Ferrry (free) and rode across the river to see the Statue of Liberty.
It also provided a great view of the NYC skyline.

 We then walked to the 911 Memorial..

 After that, it was time to go to Times Square and the BIG Toys R Us
(what the kiddos were looking forward to all day!)

 Can you tell it was the end of the day and they really wanted to go to the Toy Store 
( not take pictures with mom)

It was such a fun day! Thank you SO much, Paul and Cindi, for the best tour of NYC I could ask for.

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