Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love this guy

Mark and I enjoyed a fabulous 11th Anniversary on the 4th- we dropped the kiddos off for the night at Erika's house and went down to Rodizios- an amazing Brazilian steakhouse downtown. We ate more meat that night then I have eaten all month and it was delicious! The men come by with great big swords with all kinds of meat speared to the end of it (chicken, pork, steak, fish,sausages)  They carve the meat right onto your plate. It's pretty fantastic and some of the best meat I have ever eaten. 

After stuffing ourselves, we went and saw Les Miserable- it was beautiful. The whole movie is done in song and the music sends chills up your spine. Its breathtaking! 
And I love all the redemptive themes throughout the movie. 

The next morning, we continued our celebration and ate even more food
- yes, we love eating-
 at Snooze. 

It was a wonderful anniversary and I cant wait to celebrate even more in the years to come! 

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Beth said...

Happy Anniversary. AWESOME pic of you two! You look great, Chas. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse recently downtown here in Minni. It WAS amazing. One of the best dining experiences ever. Sounds like you had a great time.