Monday, January 28, 2013

Sewing Projects

I went thru a sewing craze this past month. I was able to get three dresses sewn for the girls dolls. They turned out so cute and were very easy to make once I figured the pattern out. I also made a few doll headbands to match:) I also sewed an apron and chef hat for Ella and her doll to match. 
And chef hats for her party guests. It was very fun and all the patterns I found online for free:) 

My mom got the girls little dog purses a while back and Elijah loved to carry them around. So, I decided to pick one up for him but remake it so it would be more appropriate for him to carry around.. hence SUPERDOG! I cut off the bows, added a mask and cape and now it is a man bag:) not a purse!

 And lastly, I recovered all my pillows for a more fresh look and made new curtains for the living room. 
 It was fun while it lasted and now I will wait for the next surge of inspiration to take me! 

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Michelle Weston said...

I'm obsessed with sewing too! Its fun to create something useful and beautiful out of almost nothing!!! Everything you've done looks gorgeous!!!!