Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ella's Baptism 8.24.2014

What a joyous day as we celebrated Ella's baptism. 
We are more than thrilled for God drawing Ella to Himself, showing her her sin and redeeming her! 
It was awesome to see her desire to identify with the body of Christ and 
stand up and shout to the world that she is a disciple of Jesus! 

 Ella wrote out her testimony of faith all by herself and read it to our body. 

 The tears flowed as I saw her dad baptize her and welcome her as a sister into the family of Christ! 
No greater joy! 

 It was awesome to see Katie and Jaimie baptized as well. 
 Celebrating Christ's death and resurrection through communion for the first time! 
 Ella invited a lot of our family, neighbors and friends to come to her baptism. 

Ella and her teacher from 2nd grade at Hopkins:) 

 Our community Group played a big part in Ella's decision to be baptized. 
So thankful for this group of people who encourage us in Christ and 
love our children deeply while showing them the Gospel at work! 

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