Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Missional Community Camping Trip to Eleven Mile Reservoir

 We enjoyed 2 nights in the great Colorado outdoors with our Missional Community Group last weekend. It was awesome! 
The weather was pretty decent- expect for one major wind storm. 
We camped at 11 Mile Reservoir. It was pretty but no trees for shade, although the McClish's did bring a sun shade which helped tremendously! Another con was that it was bit pricey and they didn't let you swim in the water! We still had great fun though and we even found another campground by the river that we will try next summer that seems more our cup of tea. 

 Lijah loved to sleep in- must be the mountain air! 
and we enjoyed some AWESOME MEALS around the campfire! 

 On Friday, we found a nice river- South Platte- and did some fishing and swimming. It was the best! The water was so nice and the kids loved playing the mud. 
This is right by the spot we found for next year called Happy Meadows Campground. 

 This spot is also where Sophia caught her first rainbow trout. It was a good 8 inches long and was so exciting! I had caught a baby trout about an hour before. 

 She was SOOO excited! 
 Our family also did some rafting down the rapids on Saturday. It was a good 15 minute stretch on the river and the rapids were probably only a level 1. Mark took Sophia and it went well. But when he took Air, it was a different story. He said they were going down a rougher patch and the boat went up on a rock and ended up tipping over. They both went under and Ari started floating down the river. Mark was able to grab her. Thankfully, he was able to flip the boat over and shove Ari back in. Needless to say, Ari was SO traumatized. I am so grateful that she had her life vest on and that God protected her. We won't be doing anymore of that unless we have a guide and helmets! 

It was such a great trip! 

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