Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goodbye to a sweet Pet

 Our sweet little pet, Cottontail died on Sunday night. We had been noticing that he wasn't eating as well and loosing weight. Mark and I had talked about taking him to the vet after we got back camping but it was too late. Mark was at work Sunday night, getting ready for the start of school, when I discovered that Cotton was dead. As soon as I told the kids all four of them burst into tears. It was the most heart wrenching thing. I, of course, started crying and called Mark right away. Mark was SO busy but he dropped everything and came right home and spent the next 2 hours digging a hole, helping us bury him and praying at his little funeral and just loving on the kids. The kids made a gravestone and picked flowers to put on his grave. They seem to be doing better as the days have passed (and school was a welcome distraction) but Arianna is still very sad and cries when she talks about him. 

I hate that they had to witness the sting of death at such a tender age but what a wonderful life lesson to pray with them and talk them through the Gospel in their pain- that Jesus came to conquer death and someday will restore this broken world to Himself! 

We will miss you, Cotton! You were a part of our family and you will be missed! 
the day we got him- July 2011

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