Monday, September 1, 2014

Colorado Trail Hike (segment 3) :Little Scraggy Trailhead

We had a gorgeous Saturday over Labor Day weekend to plan a little day hike. I texted our friend, Cole, who is an avid hiker and he recommended the Colorado Trail (segment 3) for our afternoon hike. It did not disappoint. We actually started about a mile down from the Little Scraggy Trailhead because we didn't want to pay the $6 fee to park in the trailhead parking- we found an area off the road that others were parked there for free:) Just meant we had to hike a mile further.

But we LOVED the Little Scraggy Trailhead the best. It was full of boulders to scramble and explore and the views were awesome. We only hiked around 4 miles roundtrip but would love to go back and do more exploring in this area. Cole says Segment 6 (Kenosha Pass) is even better but a longer hike- maybe Mark and I can tackle it by ourselves sometime.

love all the "Eggs and Butter" Wildflowers along the path

The girls found a geo-caching box and wrote in the notebook and left some fur they found on the trail. 

 One of our kids favorite things to do on hikes is to find an adventure of some sort. And Mark is GREAT at finding them and keeping the kids interested in the hike:) We found this cool crevice in between huge rocks that the we explored. Very cool. 

 On the way back on the trail, we saw what looked to be a gray fox (?) 
chasing a squirrel on a big rock. 
It was the coolest thing!

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