Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hopkins Hop-A-Thon

This is our 5th year at Hopkins and one of our favorite traditions is the annual Hop-A-thon Fundraiser. It's a fun morning of running around the field and raising money for our school. We give away awesome prizes and have fun music while we run. It's a great event! I am so privileged to work with such a great group of volunteers on our PTO! They do whatever is necessary to make events like these happen and run smoothly!  We had around 90 participants who raised around $9,500 for the school! Not too shabby:)

Kate, our Hopathon Chair, and next year's Hopkins PTO president!
Yes, this is my last year as President and I could not be more thrilled in my replacement, Kate! 

 Mr. Hoppy, our school mascot, made an appearance 
and the kids followed him around like the Pied Piper! 

 I love that lots of teachers come out and support the event as well on a Saturday morning! 
We have some awesome staff here at Hopkins! 

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