Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Festivities 2014

We have lots of fun activities with family and friends this year! Here a few highlights in December! 
1. Getting all fancy for our Sola Churches Elder and Deacon Christmas Party- LOVE these people! 
2. Making Gingerbread houses with our Hopkins friends, the Lees. 
(Elijah was at his basketball tournament)

3. Driving around looking at Christmas Lights and drinking hot cocoa...

4. Baking Christmas cookies, to deliver to our neighbors, with these special ladies! 

5. Celebrating our Colorado Christmas with all of Mark's family who came over for dinner:)
6. Bringing dinner to Great Grandma's house and playing scrabble together:) 

 7. Receiving these awesome handmade hats from our dear friend, Trish! 
I watch her little guy, Findley, a few days a week! LOVE HIM!!! 
 8. Decorating these awesome REAL homemade gingerbread houses, 
made by our good friend Britta! 

9. Caroling to our neighbors with our Missional Community Group. SO FUN!!! 

10. Celebrating with Ella's Girl Scout Troop with a party at our place! 

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