Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Stop: Chicago/ The Popcorn Shop: Wheaton, IL

Our first stop, after the horrible hotel experience and an 8 hour drive, brought us to Chicago around 7pm on Saturday. We were graciously welcomed by the Ericksons who are the parents of our good friend, Britta. It was so wonderful to relax and be greeted with a warm home cooked meal and a roaring fire in the kitchen! The kids loved playing with all of Miss Britta's old toys and checking out where she grew up:)

They helped us with the ins and outs of planning our trip to the city the next day and told us we must stop in to see The Popcorn Shop, which was in their hometown. We looked it up and they were open till 9pm, so we jumped in the car to check it out. It was So cool! The shop was built in the 1920's in an alley. Literally, an alley. It was super narrow. The shop boasted a variety of very cheap candy (back in the day it was a penny) and some great tasting popcorn. It's a must see! 

This guy has worked here for years and knew the price of all the candy without looking.
 It was impressive. 
 If you are in Wheaton, make sure to plan a visit! 

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