Monday, December 29, 2014

Second Stop: Pennsylvania

We enjoyed six days in PA visiting with family and enjoying every minute. 
My mom and Tim were so gracious letting us all invade! My mom made lots of my favorite meals, took us shopping and they just loved on our family. It was wonderful. The kids were so sad to leave. 

Uncle Justin took Elijah to an arcade for the afternoon- highlight of my boys life! 
Ella just LOVED spending time with grandpa! 

We also loved spending time with my brother and Erika! 
They took us to an amazing restaurant called The Bookstore in Bethlehem. 
It was an old Speakeasy from the 20's. Super cool! 

And one of favorite days was spending time with my stepsisters and their kiddos. Its a big group of kiddos and they had a blast shooting air soft guns, jumping on the tramp and playing football. 

 the gang! Just missing Jake and Abbey and their 4 kids! 

We were able to visit my childhood friend, Steph, and her family. 8 kids was quite the excitement!

 Both of our Ella's:) 
 These two are the same age- just a few days apart.

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