Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Gift Reviews

So, I stole this title from my husband's blog because I really am bad at thinking of titles for my posts. This year was a REALLY nice Christmas and I got a lot of VERY nice gifts! Usually we get money from relatives which is GREAT but it's also fun to open things as well. So, here are some highlites from what I got...

1. From my mom- a HUGE gift basket filled with my favorite things- Ghiradeli chocolate, cute coffee mugs, Dunkin Donutes coffee, Tastycakes and a cute country ornament. I think the mugs are my favorite since I am constantly drinking coffee and tea.

2. From my husband- Apples to Apples- it is SUCH a fun game and I've wanted it for a while. I know its not very romantic but we really don't get one another very much since we don't have the money and we actually really like to eat out so that is what we normally do for special occasions! And it is SO nice having family nearby to babysit when we do go out!

3. From my inlaws- They were SO sweet and got me everything off my list but the "romantic" things:) My favorite is my BIG pasta pot with strainer and steamer inserts- its GREAT! I cook pasta SO much around here (its one of few things my twins will eat) and I actually never had a strainer so I had to use a spoon. Anyway, this pot is great! I can just pick the insert out and it strains the water right out. They also got me a teapot, pot holders, rolling pin and another favorite gift- A Nursing Cover!!!!

Thanks everyone for being SO generous to me ( and my kids) Merry Christmas!

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