Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a GOOD DAY!

I am VERY excited about this post!

As you know, I recently started collecting coupons with a passion:) I used to just clip what we use on a regular basis but now I clip everything because I didn't realize on how much I was missing out. I've told you about the website that I have been faithfully checking out and I really couldn't have done it without the help of! THANK YOU!

So, tonight, I went (from 9-9:45 PM) to our nearest King Sooper/Kroger. I am going to do this every week. First, there were NOT 4 little distractions pulling me in every direction. Second, there were NO customers to be annoyed at me, and third, it was SO quiet- I need that once in a while.

Take a look at this picture and you will see why I am SO excited-
I got all these things for $20 (a $110 value) - let me explain-

The things on the far right are WIC (milk, cereal, eggs, cheese, juice and peanut butter) $40 for FREE- if you have never checked out if you qualify for WIC- DO IT!!! It is SUCH a money saver! I get this amount EVERY week which is such a blessing- thank you government...

BUT, this is where it is awesome- I got the rest, a $70 value, for $20 after sales and coupons! Can you beleive it? I can't! I am still in shock!!! It is one thing to write it out on paper but another to actually see and feel all that I got for that price!
4 boxes of Wheat thins
2 bags of Chex Mix
dinner rolls
3 cans baby food
3 jars of salsa
2 boxes of Fiber One Granola bars
3 boxes of Orville Redenbackers popcorn
2 Propel fitness waters
toilet paper
jar of mayo
Nestle refrigerated cookie dough
Green Giant Steamer Veggie mix
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (my twins are going to be SO excited in the morning- this is their FAV)
26 items for $20- thats less than $1 for these great name brands.

Some of my friends would tell me that I coud do better at King Soopers than shopping at Walmart and I didn't believe them till tonight! I am hooked on deals! This is the greatest high:) Okay, I am signing off and I hope you don't think I'm too weird for my rantings here!

My advice to you- check out websites in your area for coupon deals, freebes,etc. It takes a lot of the TIME out of bargain shopping. Also, check out WIC- it is great. and get around friends who love bargains (I'm talking about you Erika) they will push you to save as well.

One more thing- this morning I got a FREE big cup of Panera coffee and 3 boxes of Puffs tissues with Lotion for $2-not at teh same place!



Michelle ;0) said...

WOW! Chas! I'm excited for you! There is a definite "savings" culture out there! I checked out the website, and for right now, I'm a little intimidated. I'd LOVE to be able to do that! I've tried coupons, but found that I ended spending MORE than I had to and getting things I didn't really need - so I'm not sure I'm doing it right. Keep writing these posts because I'm getting inspired! Maybe I'll start to learn the science behind it...I'm hoping sooner than later!

Chastity Gomez said...

I was the exact same way- I would spend more because I would think that since its a little cheaper, I should get it. But now, I only use coupons if I can get the item for around a dollar or less. Our grocery store doubles coupons up to a dollar so that has been awesome! I've gotten quite a bit of free things that way! It takes time and a good organizational system for your coupons. and find a good website for stores in your area- that helped me tremendously! I am sure you will figure it out:)

Beth said...

amen for WIC. also, great idea- the baseball card holders! thanks. ha ha... thought about that Panera coffee for awhile and then thought NO WAY! it sure wasn't going to be worth getting everyone suited up and out into the frozen weather and out again for the coffee and in again for the ride home and out again... you must have REALLY wanted that coffee! I'm glad you enjoyed it! oh... BTW- i LOVE shopping late at night also- when I get the chance