Friday, January 9, 2009

The Kindness of a Stranger

So, on Monday we were desperately in need of food, so I made the weekly trek to the grocery store with a very fussy 6 month old and a spunky 2 yr old (the twins were in school, thank goodness) I really don't like grocery shopping- its expensive, its hard to contain kids and people get mad at me because I use WIC checks, coupons,etc.

Elijah was getting sick and hadn't been sleeping well, but thankfully, he fell asleep while I was shopping. Ella was VERY good until we got in line to pay- I had to get her out of the cart and she immediately goes to the candy rack and starts trying to open every candy bar she can get her hands on. While I am trying to get my 2 yr old under control, Elijah wakes up and starts screaming! So, I pick his 100 pound car seat up an start bouncing him to keep him quite.

Usually the check out clerk has her act together and can process WIC quickly so the people behind me don't freak out, but I must have gotten someone new. I immediately started apologizing to the lady behind me, as the clerk was inspecting every WIC product to make sure I didn't cheat the system:) Sure enough, I grabbed organic carrots by mistake instead of the regular brand, so she wanted me to go get the right bag. I told her not to worry about it. Then I had grabbed an extra juice, I also told her not ring it up. Ten minutes later with a pack of Mentos opened by Ella, WIC was done. So she starts with my regular order. I am a sale shopper so I watch closely to make sure everything rings up right (another thing that irrates people in line behind me) Just to add to my fun trip, the apples weren't ringing up on sale. so I told her to forget them. So, FINALLY , I am done and as I was paying, the lady behind me says, "Wait just a minute, I want to buy those 3 things for you." I couldn't believe it- that has never happened to me- of course, I protested, but she insisted and said she knows its so hard to shop with babies! That small act of kindess from a complete stranger, made my day and lightened up a stressful situation. Thank you God, for meeting my needs and letting me know that there are still nice people in the world!!


~Abbey~ said...

That is so sweet of that "stranger"! I can completely relate to your story-the frustration part anyway! I go through that all the time! and doesn't it seem like WIC changes what you can get, which brands,size, etc...all the time!? that woud lhave made my day also! Angels among us!

Erika said...

Chas - that's great! I loved reading this. I think it's really good that you're sensitive to others around you, apologizing to the lady behind you. That way, she wanted to bless you for being considerate. I always feel bad, too, with my two girls in the grocery store. It's never easy.

Michelle Weston said...

What a great story, Chas! That encouraged me! Isn't it great when the Lord provides, even in the simplest things? What a sweet person that was..that's not common, but no one deserved an act of kindness more than you (considering you're always so kind to others, it's nice to hear you reaping some of what you have sown!)!!

The Stamper Story said...

that's AWESOME! I always seem to get a new person when I use WIC vouchers and then everyone hates you when you say you also have another order- the regular stuff! I'm so happy someone bought that stuff for you!