Monday, January 26, 2009

I am officially a bargain shopper

I always thought I was a good shopper finding deals, etc. but I have taken on a new look at it- COUPONS! I just assembled this coupon book and it has made using coupons so much easier. Each category has a page (baseball card holders) and its so easy to find what coupons I have and get good deals while shopping. I am also trying to get into Walgreens and CVS rebates because you can get a TON of FREEBIES through rebates. I am going to use about $50 if my tax refund to save in an envelope so I can use that for rebates. Then when I run out, I have to wait till the money comes back before I do another one! We'll see if it works. I have found all these great deals and tips here. It is an amazing website! And anything to save money these days is a good thing.


~Abbey~ said...

You go girl! I have been collecting infor to get my stuff together like that too! I don't know if i can do the CVS and Walgreens though...we'll see! Heather Stockton is the Queen at this stuff!

Erika said...

Do we have a CVS??? I don't know of one. Maybe it is near your are so organized with your coupons! I have been doing coupons for a year or two now, and I just keep them right how they come and cut them out individually when need be (which is every Monday, usually). Wow I wish I could be more organized.