Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The first major sickness this winter

Poor Elijah has been sick with a bad cold going on 2 weeks.
The past 2 nights he has woken up with a fever of over 103- scary!
I got him in to the doctors tomorrow- I'm wondering if he might have an ear infection.
Ella also went to the docs last week and had a double ear infection- she is slowly getting better.
This was her first ear infection ever.
The twins just had colds for about a week but no fever!
Mark got a cold. I didn't get sick-yet.

This is Elijahs new bed- AAHHHH!!!
I am not happy about it but he has been sick the past 2 weeks and constantly wakes up because he can't breathe. This means Mark gets up with him and then brings him in to me-
Elijah loves to nurses all night long because its comforting to him.
I need to stop this soon beacuse it is only going to get worse.
Part of me does think that this is my last baby so enjoy how he loves to snuggle up to me in bed and the other more sensible part says-
So, soon, I will be going thru the tramatic expereince of getting him back to his own bed.

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~Abbey~ said...

chas, you seriously need to try the apple cider vinegar for th ear infections! gone in less than 2 days! i swear by it! hope the kids feel better!