Saturday, July 18, 2009

Belleview Park and Bear Creek Park

This has been the week for GREAT parks! Below are some pictures of Bear Creek Park- it is AWESOME! They have redone the whole thing and it is beautiful! And the best thing is that Grandma and Grandpa live RIGHT next to it, so we headed over to explore(early before the crowds came) I just LOVE the rustic, western feel of the place...
we will definitely be going again, SOON!

The next park is called Belleview Park and I cant believe that I have never been there in the 2 yrs we have lived in Colorado! It has a petting farm and a train and a GREAT creek to wade in- we have been there at least 3 times since finding it this past week! The girls play for hours in the water while I rest in the shade and watch- its a GREAT find!

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