Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Back!!

So, we moved to Centennial and it went well. I feel so out of touch with everyone since we have been without internet for 5 days and trying to get settled. BUT, I am back! We got internet, cable and phone yesterday and its so good to catch up!
The move went really well and fast! We had a lot of stuff and were VERY thankful for all who helped out and watched our kids:) The twins went to their first "friend" sleepover and didnt last. I had to go pick them up at 2:30 in the morning because Arianna was upset and wanted to go home! Oh my! They went back the next morning so they would be out of the way while we were packing the truck.
Our new home is GREAT! There is a lot of room and I actually enjoy being home and don't want to leave! (unlike how I felt in my cramped apartment) We are SO blessed and God is SO good to have blessed us with a home that we could be comfortable in and have company over! We have a HUGE backyard and lake and the girls LOVE being outside playing! We set up the slip and slide 2 days in a row and it entertained them forever.
Well, I know I am rambling- thanks for listening and thanks for praying for us and being terrific friends and family... We love you all!

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~Abbey~ said...

glad it all went well...minus the sleep over! Can't wait to see some pictures! i am sure its quite refreshing...and maybe the noise goes to another room once ina while and you will wonder WHY its so quiet! AHHH! :)