Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What we do in the summer...

So, when the summer comes, I need things to do with my children to make the hours go by faster and to provide FUN for my kiddos so they will remember the good times I provided for them. The fun things also have to be cheap! so, here are my summer suggestions that we have done so far...
1. Parks, parks and more parks (free)
2. Swimming at a creek (free)
3. Play dates at our home with the slip and slide (free)
4. Walking around malls on HOT days (free)
5. Children's Museum (sorta free- we got a yr membership and saved a bundle)
6. Museum/Zoo FREE days- if you dont mind a crowd,it's worth it!
7. Old kids movie- usually free or $1- we've seen "Charlottes Web", "Horton Hears a Whoo", "Space Chimps", "Tale of Despereaux"
8. Play, play and more play in the basement- dress up has been a favorite lately!
9. Sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks
10. Libraries- we LOVE the library- tons of good books, dvds that are free to rent and reading contests that offer TONS of free tickets for food and entertainment...

Here we are at the movies!

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