Saturday, October 31, 2009

All This For $12 (20 items)

Albertsons has amazing deals this week that I took advantage of!
Most of these items were buy 2 for $4 and get back $2 at the register.
So, when you use coupons on top of the sale,
each item worked out to around 50 cents!
And I split my transactions so I could use the $2 coupons
that day to make all this so cheap!
Sorta reminded me of Walgreens-
I am using the mini fruit rollups for trick or treating,
since my kids dont eat them,
but everything else we will definitely use!


Jason Stamper said...

good work! I'm TRYING to get into the coupon craze. I'm not too sure why it's taken me this long...

Alli said...

That is wonderful Chas!! Were you able to roll the $2 Catalina to the next 2 for $4 deal? Have you made it over to King Soopers this week? Great deals there!! :)