Friday, October 9, 2009

Go, Diego,Go!

Well, we finally got cable after over a year without it.
I enjoy cable.
I like to watch movies and my favorite channels- TLC and The Food Network.
My children LOVE cable because of 4 shows in particular.
They do not watch more than these shows because most others are junk.
We DVR these 4 shows so we can watch them whenever.
The 4 shows are:
Go, Diego, Go
Dora the Explorer
Special Agent OSO
Little Einsteins
I really do like these shows because they are so educational and have no inappropriate comments, situations, etc. And my kids are learning Spanish words- amazing!
I really think these shows have aided Elijah in his very vast vocabulary!
He knows so many words like map, click, go, Diego, Dora,etc
Its cute to see the 2 little ones watch these shows in the morning together and sign along!

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Mark said...

How could you forget Handy Manny?! Those tools are crazy! And Kelly is awesome. You just know she and Manny have a thing for each other. And Mr. Lopart is so goofy. And. . .
Wait, I know way too much about this show. This is a bit sad.