Monday, October 5, 2009

Curly Q's

Look past the two cute girls to the curlies in their hair! I made them! It was so easy and I have been having a ball creating new hair curlies that match every outfit they have:)
Here is what you will need:
grosgrain ribbon
small wooden dowels in different sizes
wooden clothespins
baking sheet lined with foil
Fray check
hot glue
Directions: Just wrap the ribbon tightly around the wooden dowel, secure with clothespins and bake at 275 on the cookie sheet for about 20 minutes. Once finished, unroll and cut about 2 inch strips. Fray check the ends. Tie a piece of embroidery floss around the middle in a tight knot. Hot glue on to a barrette! Super easy, inexpensive and cute!
have fun creating!


~Abbey~ said...

these are cute! You know you can use pencils instead of wooden dowels? when Candice's hair gets longer i wanna make her those barretts that you braid the ribbon around them with the ong strands hanging down...did you wear them as a kid? i think you had them in your K picture...

Erika said...

It doesn't sound that easy! It sounds like it has a million steps.

Beth said...

CUTE! the girls look like little packages! :) that sounds fun. I'll put it on my "to do" list... the one that's so long I'll never get to until I have granddaughters to wear them! :)

Melinda McMillen said...

I just made some of these. So cute and so easy!